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About Live Roulette

This had appeared back in June 2005. It is an interactive game, where you can sit home in front of your personal computer or TV and bet by making phone calls. The Live roulette game is exactly like the casino game, the only difference being that you don’t have to be in a casino to make bets. Usually, this game is using the European version of roulette game, rather than the American one. This means that instead of two numbers of 0 you will have only one. The game lasts for several hours.

Each game is opened to bets only for two minutes. Also, approximately at three minutes the ball will spin. So, the game is exactly as a common roulette game. However, this time you have to play for real cash, not just virtual cash.

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How to play live roulette

There are several websites that are offering the game live roulette. However, if you want to start playing on those sites you must at least fulfill one of their demands; respectively you must be over 18 years old. Also, if you are from Northern Ireland or from one of the Channel Islands, you have no chance to play this game.

Also, you should know that even if you are betting from home your chances to win are exactly like those from when you are playing in a real casino, so don’t make yourself too many illusions.

However, let’s get to the main point of this article and let’s start with how to play the live roulette from home. You must first register on one of the websites that are presenting the live roulette. More than probably, you will be asked to make a deposit using the payment methods required by the site. They can ask for you to pay with the credit card or to use one of the several eWallet methods.

When you will start the game you will see that the chips are putted on the table. The websites are using the telephone menu, free phone number displayed and they are using their website. Now, on these websites you can find a wide range of casino games to play, not necessarily live roulette.


When the live roulette has first appeared the betting options were quite limited. You could’ve only bet on straights, splits, corners and outside chances. However, the things had changed now. The main reason why there are no more limited options is because the number of people who are playing live roulette had increased. Today, you have options as columns, all the French bets and you can even bet on the 0 number.

If you want to play live roulette from home you should know that there are a few membership options. You can ask to be a free player. So, if you live in a country where the gambling is not illegal you can make a free account on these websites and you will receive 500 hundred chips, whit which you can start playing. However, this is only for the new members and even if you win with these chips you will not receive any cash as they don’t have monetary value.

There are also premium players’ accounts. With this membership, you can enter in the game and bet anytime you want like you would be in a real casino. However, this can be done only at specific hours and for the moment only the players who live in UK have this option.

VIP members have part of lots of benefits. They receive cash prizes for their loyalty, and they can even win a tour of London.



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