Roulette rules

About the roulette game

It was first developed in France, during the 18th century. Today, the roulette is considered to be one of the most famous gambling games, and it is played in the entire world. The game basics are quite easy to understand. There are 8 players, usually. They are playing against the house, or against the croupier who represent it. The croupier is the one that spins the wheel after all the bets are made. There are two versions of this gambling game: a European version and an American one. The wheel that represents the European version has 37 slots, while the American one has 38 slots and two 0.

Each player must purchase a different colored chip. This is because they don’t want to mix the chips with the other players. If you win at the end of the game you can exchange the playing chips with money chips that will also be changed into real cash afterwards.

European Roulette ( one 0)

For playing roulette you must bet on any number you want, even on 0. The bet is made on the table next to the wheel. After all the players placed their bets the croupier will spin the wheel. The croupier will say stop the bets with only a few moments before the ball will stop into a slot. From the moment the croupier says those words no player has the permission to change the bet or to place a bet. Only after the croupier is validating the winner number the players can place another bet. Usually, the winners are those who guessed right the number on which the ball will stop or those who bet on numbers close to the respective number.

If you want to win at the roulette game you should know that this thing is not that easy. Lots of players are relying solely on luck. There are also other players that are waiting to see what numbers are getting after some wheel spinning, and after some time they are betting on the numbers that didn’t appeared until then. There are also players that are betting on several numbers at once, but this is decreasing the amount of cash that they are going to win.

American Roulette ( 0 and 00 )


Rules of the roulette game

There are three rules of the roulette games. The first rule is named En Prison. This rule is met only at a few casinos, and it is applied to even- money bets only. So, if the outcome of the game is 0, there are some casinos that will allow to the player or to the players to take back half of their bet or to leave the bet for another wheel spinning. If it happens again that the outcome comes 0, the entire bet will be lost.

The second rule is named La Partage and it is quite similar with the En prison rule. The difference between these two rules is that at the La Partage rule the players will lose half of their bet and it will not be able to leave the bet for another spinning.

The French roulette rules are similar with the European rules. The difference between the French roulette and the European roulette is that the French one has a different table layout. The French roulette is also using the La Partage rule, so if the outcome of a spin is 0 the players will lose half of their bet.

So, this is all about the roulette and its rules. Since there are so many people passionate of this game, more than probably you will try it, too. Remember that there are places where you can play this game for free.


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